This is what pips are for

This is what pips are for

Welcome, Pip Flipper! Edit

So I hear you like dice that don't use numbers. Then this is the place for you! We will use this wiki to coordinate play times, record the events in each story, track experience and equipment, and all sorts of other things that a wiki can be used for.

Make an article for anything you want! Your character will get a page, but you can also make pages for locations, NPCs, ships, or anything else that that goes in your backstory. Or anything you want to include in the story in the future!

Star Wars: Jedi Civil WarEdit

The Galaxy is at peace, and the Jedi Order has flourished again. But the proliferation of Jedi also means a proliferation of Jedi-related incidents, and there is a movement forming among the Galactic Senate to place restrictions and limitations on the Jedi. Can the players prevent the newly stabilized Galactic Alliance from tearing itself apart?

Last Mission's Recap Edit

After the attack on Redemption, a visit to the Menagerie reveals just how deep the Dark Side influence has gone in the Jedi Order.

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Experience Points Edit

The current XP level is Starting + 795. All characters may match that level.

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